Natsuyo Lipschutz

“The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business” the benefit of the Bundle Offer

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / December 11, 2020 /

My two online programs “The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business” launched last week and the interest has been phenomenal. I’m just so pleased that I could find a way to share all the knowledge and techniques I have learnt as a Business Strategist and Keynote Speaker and encapsulate them into a program that…

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The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business – ONLINE COURSES NOW OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / December 1, 2020 /

Would you love to start 2021 with a killer presentation that your audience will respond to? One that keeps your audience engaged from the moment you start speaking and gets them to buy into/from you? “The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business” online course is a step-by-step strategy to support you through the process…

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The Dos and Don’ts of Effective Virtual Presentations

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / November 24, 2020 /

Virtual meetings and presentations have become the norm, for the time being at least. Many global leaders who were once delivered polished speeches to a live audience are struggling to pivot their delivery to an online audience. I’m sharing my top Dos and Don’ts to help you present effectively to a virtual audience.   DO:…

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cross cultural communication skills

3 Cross-cultural communication skills that are essential for today’s global leaders

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / November 19, 2020 /

With today’s increasing globalization in business, many leaders find themselves working with – and communicating with – multicultural teams. Having effective cross-cultural communication skills is paramount in creating and delivering a clear, persuasive message that is understood and acted upon by everyone who hears it.   A presentation that works brilliantly in the US, may not…

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establish ethos in a speech

How to establish Ethos in a speech

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / November 13, 2020 /

Ethos is a Greek word meaning “custom,” “habit,” or “character.” It’s one of the key elements of a great speech, including logos and pathos and is essentially about establishing trust with your audience. The great philosopher Aristotle said that people are more likely to believe someone who has a good character. He believed that we…

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Stacey Abrams Storytelling speech

How Stacey Abrams’ speech uses the power of Storytelling

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / November 10, 2020 /

When former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams delivered the Democratic response to President Donald Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address, she used one powerful tool throughout her speech – storytelling. In case you are not too familiar with Stacey Abrams, she is the 2018 Democratic gubernatorial candidate, and after losing Georgia governor’s race…

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An analysis of historic Presidential concession speeches that reveal their true brand

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / November 6, 2020 /

Presidential election 2020 is a real nail-biter. As we near the end of the race, I have been looking back at some memorable concession speeches in the past elections. Concession speech is one of the most challenging speeches one could give. Not only do you have to publicly admit your loss, you are addressing audience…

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Why logic is critical to your business presentation skills

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / October 29, 2020 /

Have you ever listened to a speech or presentation and thought… What exactly is the point they’re trying to make? So what? How did he/she come to that conclusion? In all of these cases, the speaker probably lacked logos. Logos is a Greek word which derives from the English word, logic. Logos is part of…

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business storytelling

Using the power of Business Storytelling as a strategic influencing tool

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / October 21, 2020 /

Business storytelling is THE most powerful skill that CEOs and leaders can use to influence, teach, and inspire. And I’m not just talking about applying it to give speeches or make presentations. Business storytelling is incredibly effectively for whenever leaders have something important they need to communicate. Whether it’s making a sale, persuading your people…

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persuasive communication techniques

Persuasive Communication Techniques for Global Leaders

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / October 15, 2020 /

Persuasion is perhaps one of the most misunderstood words in business culture. People think it’s all about manipulation, force, lack of choice, or inducement, when actually persuasion is about influence. It’s the process of creating, reinforcing, or changing people’s beliefs or actions and this can be done when you apply effective persuasive communication techniques that…

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