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How to use Business Storytelling to Persuade and Influence

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / September 23, 2020 /

Picture the scene … You need to give a killer presentation next month; pitching a major proposal to your company’s shareholders. It’s a tough, discerning audience and you really want to make an impact. You know the message you WANT to give, but it’s only going to have the outcome that you want if you…

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storytelling techniques for business

Storytelling techniques for business to inspire a cross-cultural audience

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / September 16, 2020 /

If you are presenting to a cross-cultural audience and need your message to poke them right between the eyes so that they sit up, listen and then take action, you need to tell interesting stories. In a multi-cultural business, stories are what connects us; giving meaning to our messages and creating a strong emotional bond…

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Diversity in the workplace

5 ways to improve diversity in the workplace

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / September 9, 2020 /

Having lived and worked in many unique places around the world and having directly interacted with an even broader range of leaders from all sorts of distinctive backgrounds and worldviews, I’ve witnessed first-hand companies that make big promises when it comes to creating a diverse culture, but when it comes to demonstrating an authentic commitment…

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How to create stories that sell

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / August 25, 2020 /

How to create stories that sell Storytelling has become a must-have leadership skill. It gives you the power to change opinion and behaviour, to persuade and motivate and connect your people with your vision. Leaders who have sharpened their storytelling skills are able to better engage employees, recruit better, create distinct competitive positioning, have a…

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michelle obama

Michelle Obama’s Keynote at DNC 2020. A perfect balance of Logos, Pathos, and Ethos.

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / August 24, 2020 /

A perfect balance of Logos, Pathos, and Ethos. Former first lady Michelle Obama delivered a powerful keynote address on the first night of the Democratic National Convention last week. Here, award-winning keynote presenter and coach, Natsuyo Lipschutz gives a candid analysis of her speech to find out what made it so emotionally appealing. 1.Memorable phrases…

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Keynote speech at SpeakNow

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / August 17, 2020 /

Natsuyo gave a keynote speech at SpeakNow.

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Say “Yes, and” Instead Of “Yes, but” – a conversation with Natsuyo N. Lipschutz

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / August 3, 2020 /

How often in your life do you say, “Yes, but”?

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[Webinar]How to Speak Effectively Beyond our Differences

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / August 2, 2020 /

Join me for an interactive webinar hosted by Juara Skincare.

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Speaking Is Healing – a conversation with Natsuyo N. Lipschutz

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / July 28, 2020 /

If you’re like most people, you probably think that public speaking is terrifying, right?

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[LIVE] Natsuyo will be giving a 40min workshop at the Summer Camp

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / July 21, 2020 /

On July 29th, Natsuyo will be giving a 40min workshop at the Summer Camp LIVE.

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