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Diversity & Inclusion Keynote Speaker, New York

Natsuyo is an award-winning engaging and high impact keynote speaker that will inspire any audience to take action. A Japanese native, based in New York, Natsuyo is a widely recognized global communication expert, equipping global leaders with practical cross-cultural communication skills to improve team dynamics by bridging the cultural gap and leveraging diversity.

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TEDx speaker, 5-time Toastmasters international speech contest winner, co-author of the Amazon bestseller, ‘The Success Blueprint’ and strategy consultant, Natsuyo shares the stories behind her communication experiences during her 25-year career in cross-cultural businesses, and her unique 3-step process to help leaders transcend their communication skills to lead and manage their teams effectively.


Through her compelling keynote presentations, Natsuyo shows organizations how culture impacts their daily business and how to adjust their communication style to build trust within their teams.

Natsuyo started her career at a top Japanese trading company, ITOCHU International in New York and then served as a management consultant for McKinsey & Company (Tokyo), and
as a marketing research, analysis, and strategy specialist at ASPIRE Intelligence (New York).

During her career she has been on both sides of the equation, allowing her to address a diverse audience who are guaranteed to leave with actionable tactics and strategies that drive diversity success.