Deliver a world-class presentation through the power of storytelling and the skills of persuasion.

Presentation Coaching, New York

Natsuyo has become the go-to expert in New York for senior leaders who want to deliver polished, high-impact presentations and public speaking engagements, whilst emotionally connecting with their audience. 


Offering a unique blend of effective storytelling, process and precision, Natsuyo is able to coach you through bringing these key aspects together in a high impact and emotionally engaging way. Sessions are offered on a 1-to-1 basis, allowing you to master communication skills such as personal impact, authenticity and the delivery of key messages through the power of storytelling. 


Using a multi‐layered approach of global public speaking skills, logical thinking frameworks and global team leadership skills, Natsuyo helps you to instantly gain respect and adjust your messages so they can heard and ACTED UPON by different cultures. As a speaker, consultant and trainer, she has worked with American Express, Toyota, Fujitsu, Honda, Aflac, Tiffant, KPMG, Shiseido and Hitachi Solutions.


Training can be organized around your busy schedule and tailored to your particular requirements. Whether you need help for an upcoming speech or want to develop the skills to deliver engaging presentations on a consistent basis, Natsuyo has an innate ability to understand your unique leadership style, strengths, weaknesses and how to maximise those to influence your audience. 

Using the power of stories to influence an audience

The narrative techniques used in stories are particularly effective at capturing and holding an audience’s attention. Findings from neuroscience suggest that our brains react differently when we hear a story as opposed to factual information. The real power of stories is our ability to appeal to feelings and emotions. Natsuyo helps to unleash the natural storyteller in you to evoke an emotional response from your audience and speak confidently with persuasion.