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Break Through Language and Cultural Barriers to become a World-Class Business Leader

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The cultural diversity within global business teams can be its weakest link or a tremendous asset that enhances productivity.

During her prestigious career

Natsuyo Lipschutz has seen both sides of this equation.

As a renowned global leadership and cross-cultural communications specialist, Natsuyo teaches business leaders how to improve team dynamics and eliminate costly communication misunderstandings.

She achieves this by giving global business leaders the specific tools they need to communicate effectively with culturally-diverse business teams so they can attain remarkable results.

Conference attendees who participate in Natsuyo’s keynote presentations receive valuable insights about how to …

  • Increase their awareness of how culture impacts their daily business

  • Leverage the cultural diversity of their team to enhance productivity

  • Adjust their communication style to convey vital messages more effectively

  • Utilize the three A’s to build trust within their teams


Jeanne M. Stafford


Nancy Lynn


Jay Townsend

Audiences walk away from Natsuyo’s keynotes feeling inspired and motivated to break through cultural and language barriers so they can become world-class global business leaders.


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